JR Lopez occupies a world filled with dusty books, niche music and interesting(?) conversations.  He longs for the invention of a mind reading device – the ‘Mind-O-Matic 3000’… it would probably be called – to better convey his thoughts and ideas.  Until such time he uses his humble skills to approximate his vision, with paper and glue, acrylic and brush and bizarre animations.

Having considered that the only events of individual importance represents just a brief scission of existence, (i.e. the time of our birth and death), his hope is that whatever he creates can transcend this limit through its relations with others.

Filed and indexed as a British/American ‘eccentric’, after reading philosophy and literature he became indentured into the corporate world for over a decade… an adventure that proved to be an utter waste of time.

contact – whoisjrlopez@gmail.com

You may also visit Soft Tempo Lounge to view his Mid Century Modern inspired videos.